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NEW YORK: Rabbi facing 3 fake-badge charges accused in 4th case

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Rabbi Alfredo Borodowski, charged three times with impersonating a police officer, now faces the possibility of a fourthGREENBURGH — A Larchmont rabbi, charged three times with impersonating a police officer, now faces the possibility of a fourth.

A 30-year-old Mount Vernon woman told The Journal News on Friday that Rabbi Alfredo Borodowski pulled a fake police routine on her too, chasing her on the Sprain Brook Parkway before banging on her window at a traffic light.

“He pulled out a badge and told me that he’s going to have me arrested,” Lisa Cristino said. “First he said it was for slow driving. Then he said, ‘No, I’m going to lock you up for erratic driving.’ When the light turned green, he jumped back in his car and peeled off.”

Borodowski, a 49-year-old White Plains resident who is rabbi of Congregation Sulam Yaakov in Larchmont, has been charged with three misdemeanors, accused of pulling a badge on drivers he reportedly said were driving too slowly or erratically.

Cristino reported her case late last week. State police confirmed they are investigating.

“We’re commencing an investigation based on this fourth person who’s come forward,” Investigator Joseph Becerra said. “She’s positive it’s the same individual.”

The rabbi spent several weeks in a psychiatric hospital after his first arrest in June in Mamaroneck, where a young woman said he came at her in a rage and tried to stop her.

After news of the arrest broke, two more victims came forward claiming they were victimized by Borodowski, one in White Plains and another in Yonkers.

The rabbi, after being released from the hospital Wednesday, turned himself in to White Plains police on their charge. The next morning, the rabbi made a court appearance in the Mamaroneck case, then reported to state police who charged him in the Yonkers case.

Cristino, whose brother Robert Cristino is a Journal News Media Group employee, said the rabbi confronted her on a Saturday afternoon in mid-May. She had just pulled onto the southbound Sprain in Hartsdale, when “all of a sudden this silver car appeared out of nowhere.” The car came up from behind, pulled alongside her and then weaved in and out of traffic to keep up with her, she said. A few miles later, when she exited at Jackson Avenue in Greenburgh, he followed.

“I hit a light and he pulled up right behind me,” she said. “I couldn’t even see his license plate because his bumper was right up against mine.”

Cristino said the man got out and flipped open his wallet, displaying a small badge.

“He started banging on my window, trying to get me to roll down my window, which I didn’t do because I thought this guy was crazy,” she said.

She said she had no idea who the man was until recently, when she saw the rabbi’s photo in media reports.

Borodowski, through his lawyer, has blamed his behavior on bipolar disorder. But Cristino said that shouldn’t excuse his actions.

“He goes around chasing people, threatening to lock them up and all that,” she said. “I think he’s dangerous.”

Becerra urged any other motorists who may have had similar experiences to call state police at 914-769-2600.