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CHILE: Two Members of Child-Killing Sect Turn Themselves in after 3 Months on the Run

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Following last week's arrest of four people from a 12-member sect, two more have come forward about their part in the violent murder of a newborn child in November, 2012, among other crimes.

International arrest warrant for Castillo Gaete, believed to be in hiding in Peru Photo: PDIVALPARAISO REGION – The Colliguay Sect, led and controlled by 35-year-old Ramón Gustavo Castillo Gaete, believed that his son, borne by sect member Natalia Guerra, was the antichrist.

After imprisoning the infant’s mother during her pregnancy, members took the child from the allegedly consenting Natalia Guerra and threw her alive onto a bonfire.

Although the ringleader is still at large, following the arrests two more members have come forward since his disappearance.

Carolina Vargas San Martín and Pablo Undurraga Atria went with their lawyer to police on Saturday afternoon. The fugitives, knowing they were wanted by police for the murder of the two-day-old infant, turned themselves in and gave investigators new information.

Police Chief Jorge Alvarez has affirmed that Undurraga acted as the right-hand man to the leader of the sect, whose members believed he was a god. He participated in most of the group’s activities and was an active part of the ritualized killing of the baby.

“The woman was less actively involved,” he states. “However, she was present on the night in question. She chose to be there.”

“Undurraga ordered the child’s mother to tie up and gag the baby herself before giving her away, but he tells us that she was unable to do so.”

Police do have some leads about the leader’s whereabouts, believing him to be in Peru with a 21-year-old woman from the Ñuñoa area, based on information from her mother.

San Martín and Undurraga, while confessing to their crimes, claim to feel that they were brainwashed by this man, who they believed to be a god. They will be charged today.