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Catholic League Head Claims More Rabbi Rapists than Priests

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Lay people who work hard for their faith institutions or who in some way represent them to the public are generally good people. When they defend, however, the indefensible, they squander the good they've done and wind up degrading the institutions they champion.

Such was the case when a number of well-known Jews came to the aid, two years ago, of the Iowa kosher slaughterhouse manager, Rabbi Rubashkin, who imported illegally, then routinely intimidated, hundreds of foreign Hispanic people to work for substandard wages in remarkably unsafe conditions in his kosher slaughterhouse (Agriprocessors, then the largest in the U.S.). He also committed a spectacular bank fraud as he wanted his profits to appear far cleaner than than his butchering floors. When the FBI swooped in, the rabbi had several fake passports and over $20,000 in laundered run-money. Of course, he'd been planning to flee to Israel, the Homeland, so, and sadly, some  prominent Orthodox Jews at the time not only tried to pressure government lawyers to deal gently with the rabbi but then, after he was convicted, lobbied hard for the minimum sentence, six years. He got nearly thirty. (Israel, by the way, would have fast returned him to the United States.)

The Jews who wasted their time pushing for this bum to be generously treated were not only an embarrassment but I can make a good argument that since kosher means proper/ according to Jewish Law --  kosher hardly applies to food only --  the gaggle of prominent Orthodox Jews who pressured the Justice Department were, in fact, behaving in a wholly un-kosher manner as was the Rabbi because kosher applies, too, to ethics. What I can say is that the vast majority of American Jews, Orthodox and others, roundly condemned not only Rabbi Rubashkin but also those who pressed for favored treatment.

I thought again of this felon, this Rabbi, when I heard this week of Catholic League President Bill Donohue's latest sad defenses of the priests now on trial in Philadelphia for sex crimes against children and his defense of the Church hierarchy who played musical-parishes with the offenders and for decades.

It's one thing to try to explain individual rapists' behavior and ask for criminal court leniency. That's not what Mr. Donohue did. Instead, he renewed his flailing attacks-sans-evidence, saying that the offenders are not pedophiles but were (are) homosexuals and that the loose public culture of the 1960s created this problem for the Church. In addition (and also apropos of nothing), Mr. Donohue reiterated another old slander of his, that Lady Gaga wants to be raped, and called AIDS a  "self-inflicted wound".  Then, turning on Catholic laity, he said that those raped by priests are “professional victims,” and  "a pitiful bunch of malcontents...."

As if he needed a coda for his inventive invective, Mr. Donohue then pulled this nugget out of his...from somewhere:

"Most...cases of the sexual abuse of minors [are] of the Jewish Rabbis in Brooklyn."


Those homosexual "Jewish Rabbis" of Brooklyn?


Mr. Donohue's bizarre statements would not matter were he not the head of the most powerful and well-known Catholic lay organization in the United States. Whether or not he speaks for the Church at the direction of any cardinal or bishop each time he opens his unofortunate mouth, he is seen publicly to state what many take to be (for want of a better term) The Church View.

I know there are many Catholics who cringe and speak out when Bill Donohue's rants make the papers just as I know that most Jews expressed outrage at those among us who stupidly stood up for Rabbi Rubashkin. I would think, too, that Church leaders themselves would want better than the brainless representation that Mr. Donohue offers, over and over again.


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