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OHIO: Priest whose 3rd DUI arrest video went viral on Internet, pleads guilty to DUI

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Father Ignatius Kury, whose DUI arrest video went viral on Internet, pleads guilty to DUIAKRON, Ohio - The Akron priest who was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol changed his plea to guilty.

Father Ignatius Kury, 35, entered the guilty plea during a 1:15 p.m. hearing Tuesday. He was fined $525 plus $97 in court fees.

Brimfield Township police arrested Kury on an OVI charge on Feb. 27. Officers said he was nearly three times over the legal alcohol limit when his car ran off Meloy Road and ended up in a swamp. He was detained after an officer found him in his car.

Investigators said when the officer asked what he was doing, Kury replied that he was auditioning for American Idol.

Police chief David Blough said officers began videotaping the priest after he exposed himself at the police station.

Video of Father Kury handcuffed inside the police holding room went viral on the Internet. During a 20-minute rant, the priest swears, sings and makes several inappropriate comments to police.

At one point, Kury said, "I'll give you the sermon on the mount. You're sermon on the mount is this, get these (expletive) bars off me because I'm getting a rash."

Kury was also heard making sexual references.

"Do you want me to give you a ---- job? Is that what you want?" Kury asked an officer.

Kury's attorney, Walter Benson, said shortly after his arrest that his client realizes he needs help for an alcohol problem and is extremely embarrassed by the video.

"He's mortified by his behavior that night and can't believe that was him," Benson said in March.

Benson also said that the sexual comments were made sarcastically.

Blough said the Brimfield Township incident was Kury's third OVI charge since 2004. He was convicted in the other two cases.