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Cults & Religiholics

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61 CATHOLIC BISHOPS: More exorcists needed Rachel Zoll, The Associated Press
62 RELIGIHOLIC IGNOROID: "The planet won't be destroyed by global warming because God promised Noah," says politician bidding to chair U.S. energy committee Mail Foreign Service
63 President Jimmy Carter Warns Religion And Politics Are Getting Too Cozy Kristen Moulton, Salt Lake Tribune
64 Atheist Ministers Struggle With Leading the Faithful Dan Harris, ABC News
65 Why Religion Should Be Confronted Dr. Victor Stenger, Physicist
66 CALIFORNIA: Crystal Cathedral megachurch files for bankruptcy Amy Taxin, Associated Press Writer
67 COLORADO: School Bans Rosaries, Crosses Deb Stanley, 7NEWS Producer
68 CENSORSHIP: Religious search engines filter results to weed out temptations Agence France-Presse
69 CALIFORNIA: Missing Religious Cult Members Found Kevin Dolak, ABC News
70 MASSACHUSETTS: Wellesley Public School Students Learn to Pray to Allah Erica Noonan, Globe Staff, and Katrina Ballard, Globe Correspondent
71 NEVADA: Mormons Sued for Proxy Baptism Injury Advocate.com Editors
72 ISRAEL: Ban Jewish burka, say Israeli rabbis Nathan Jeffay, The Jewish Chronicle
73 Right-Wing Crazies Who Fight Witchcraft and Demons Are Taking Over a State Near You Bruce Wilson, Talk To Action
74 The Lonely, Dangerous Fight Against Christian Supremacists Inside the Armed Forces Matthew Harwood, Truthout Report
75 VATICAN posts financial loss for third year in a row AFP
76 PAKISTAN: Would-Be Osama Bin Laden Assassin On A Mission From God Munir Ahmed ,AP
77 MISSOURI: Parents Raise Concerns At School Run By Troubled Order Tim Townsend, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch
78 CHRISTIAN 'Pregnancy Crisis Centers' Masquerading as Health Clinics Tell Women Abortion Causes Cancer and Infertility Ted Cox, AlterNet
79 CHRISTIAN Dominionist group promotes “how to take over America” list Jenny Donati, TheocRats
80 ENGLAND: Teenage Jehovah's Witness refuses blood transfusion and dies Laura Roberts

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