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TEXAS: FLDS Mormon sect leader Warren Jeffs predicts disaster/doomsday if he is not freed

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Warren Jeffs is jailed on charges of sexual assault of a child and bigamy. He also faces charges in Arizona.SAN ANGELO, Texas — Warren Jeffs was seemingly feeble and frail when transferred from the Mohave County jail after charges in Arizona were dismissed last summer. But the 55-year-old polygamous church sect prophet appears to be gaining strength in his jail cell in Texas, where he's flexing his muscle while awaiting trial on charges of sexual assault of a child and bigamy.

Jeffs is using a jail telephone and a calling card to excommunicate his "sinful" followers in Arizona and Utah and whatever other means necessary to communicate directly with the Lord. A document sent to President Barak Obama, members of Congress and other government officials asserts that Jeffs is the servant and messenger of the Lord.

Arizona Congressman Trent Franks represents the district encompassing Colorado City, an enclave of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and Franks' spokesman, Ben Carnes, confirmed that the document was received at Franks' office at the nation's Capitol.

The people of the United States and others on Earth are warned of a "holocaust" of judgment and loss of life if Jeffs is not set free. The threat of calamity is spelled out in the Feb. 5 document titled "A Warning to the Nation" and "A Petition to the President of the United States of America."

Officers of the Jeffs-led FLDS church based in Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz., sign the copyrighted document as witnesses to the word of the Lord delivered through Jeffs. Most of the nine pages are written in first person, purportedly by the Lord, though sometimes it appears the messages are authored in first person by Jeffs.

The document indicates that the Lord wants Jeffs released from jail. The Lord also demands that government-confiscated property be returned to FLDS members in Utah and Arizona.

The Lord demands that persecution of FLDS members and their plural marriage lifestyle come to a halt. Failure to do so will bring loss of life through earthquakes and storms, the document states.

"Let this nation know I am with my people, and shall sweep the wicked from the face of the Land of America," it states.

"I the Lord am soon to send the shaking of the earth in a place in thy land not known as a usual place of violent shaking, unto the loss of many lives," it states, along with another reference to the president's home state. "I shall cause a great destruction in the land of Illinois, to the loss of life and to your awakening, that when I, the Lord, speak, let my word be fulfilled, lest you become as a people only worthy to be swept off my land of Zion."

The document chastises an evil, wicked and sinful world for the "sins of Sodom" and shedding of "innocent blood." Over and over it condemns the practice of abortion as the "legalized murder of unborn children."

The document warns that corrupt and evil people face a damnation of their souls on judgment day. It states that the prosecution of Jeffs and other FLDS members in Arizona, Utah and Texas is hypocritically unjust in a world so full of corruption.

"Yet you persecute my people who abide by my will and my governing principles of purity, required of them by me," the document states. "Though you accuse them of corrupt practices and evil motives, they are my people, saith the Lord Jesus Christ, who sendeth this message to you: Let my people go!"

The treatise dresses down law enforcement officials for the April 2008 raids on the FLDS Yearning For Zion compound near Eldorado. More than 400 women and children were temporarily removed from the property during an investigation.

"You carried away my innocent children from among my people in a raid that was unjust," the document states.

The document ends with the signatures of Lyle Jeffs (Warren Jeffs' brother) and Vaughan Taylor, as FLDS officers and witnesses of the word of the Lord received through his servant on Earth, Warren Jeffs.

"O ye people of the earth repent ye, repent ye!," the document states. "My day of judgment is at hand and my word shall be fulfilled that I have spoken through the mouths of all my holy Prophets. Attaint your wicked and corrupt ways. Come unto me, thy Lord and Savior. I, the Lord, have spoke it. Amen."

Officials at the Reagan County Jail in Big Lake said Wednesday Jeffs is refusing to accept visitors during March. Jeffs offered no reason for the order, they said.

The jail officials said a certain amount of letter-writing materials are provided to inmates, and the inmates can buy as many letter-writing supplies as they want from the commissary.