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21 SAUDI ARABIA: Woman beheaded for practicing 'sorcery' Agence France Presse
22 ISRAEL: The sad, sexual obsessions of the Rabbinate Reform Reflection
23 KENTUCKY: Gulnare Freewill Baptist church bans interracial couples David Edwards
24 ISRAEL: 'Exclusion of women is form of violence' Susan Hattis Rolef
25 ALABAMA: Prayer at high school football violates First Amendment Michael Stone, Humanist Examiner
26 VATICAN: Activist U.S. priest arrested at Vatican Francis X. Rocca
27 ILLINOIS: Zion City Taken to Court Over Seal with Cross Anugrah Kumar
28 FLORIDA: Christoholic pastor wants atheist registry Staks Rosch
29 Britain bans radical Israeli rabbi Administrator
30 Christians Openly Advocate Killing Athiests on FOX News Facebook Page John P, onemansblog.com
31 ISRAEL: Police using anti-mobster methods to crack down on Mea She'arim Orthodox zealots haaretz.com
32 How Fundamentalist Religion Is Destroying the World Frank Schaeffer, AlterNet
33 Fighting the Culture Wars With Hate, Violence and Even Bullets: Meet the Most Extreme of the Radical Christians Alex Henderson, AlterNet
34 ISRAEL: Three Followers Of Extremist Chabad Rabbi Arrested Chaim Levinson, Ha’aretz
35 ISRAEL: Hasidic Paper Removes Hillary Clinton From Osama Picture failedmessiah.com
36 The 12 Worst (and Most Powerful) Christian Right Groups Rob Boston, Americans United for Separation of Church and State
37 Why do Americans still dislike atheists? Gregory Paul and Phil Zuckerman
38 SOUTH CAROLINA: DOJ wants in on suit against jail's Bible-only policy Meg Kinnard, Associated Press
39 RUSSIA: Russian Orthodox Church calls for dress code, says miniskirts cause 'madness' Fred Weir, Correspondent
40 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Prayer breakfast organizers took money from ‘terrorist organization’ Daniel Tencer

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