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MINNESOTA: Catholic school fires teacher for thought crime

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Catholic Church Inquisiton TrialsSt. Joseph’s Catholic School of Moorehead, MN fired a grade school teacher not for speaking out in favor of same-sex marriage, not for teaching her students that it was a great idea, but for privately sharing in a closed-door meeting that she did not agree with the Catholic Cult’s teaching on the matter.

Yes, thought crime is punishable by termination of employment.

Standing last fall before a class of fifth-graders, Bishop Michael Hoeppner of the Catholic Diocese of Crookston told the children they should tell their parents to vote for a gay marriage ban Minnesotans will consider this fall.

Listening to Hoeppner in his annual visit to meet her students, Trish Cameron, 47, thought the students she taught were being enlisted in a political movement they barely understood.

After teaching at St. Joseph’s Catholic School for 11 years, the bishop’s visit sparked two events in Cameron’s life: the beginning of an awareness about same-sex marriage and the subsequent end to her 11 years at St. Joseph Catholic School in Moorhead, a departure that drew headlines earlier this month.

It wasn’t just the visit from Hoeppner. Praise for the proposed constitutional amendment was in the weekly church bulletins, the “Our Northland Diocese” newspaper, even from the pulpit on more than one occasion, Cameron said in an interview Wednesday.

What did Cameron say that was so horrible? She responded honestly to a question in her performance appraisal process.

To the first question asking to reflect on whether or not she supported the teachings of the Church, Cameron responded, “I do not agree with all Church teachings on a personal level, but I do not bring my own opinions into our religion classes. We tend to focus on respect and love for one another and living out our call as servants whenever a ‘political’ topic crops up (which is rarely if ever, does).”

That’s it. This simple statement led to repeated consultations, a directive to “pray about it for a week”, and then a formal request for a resignation.

This in itself is not shocking. It’s standard practice for the hypocritical Catholic church to get rid of people who disagree with its dogmas, even while shuffling rapists about behind the scenes and providing them new victims.

What surprises me? Cameron insists on staying true to the Catholic cult.

Despite disagreeing with some of its teachings, Cameron is a devout follower of the Catholic faith.

Cameron said as a way to check her motives to speak publicly about her resignation, she spoke to her priest at St. Francis Catholic Church. She asked him if there would ever be a time where they could have listening sessions, where people would not be spoken to, but where the leadership would come to the table. His answer was while people may be heard, their actions and feelings toward divine teachings will not bring change.

“Maybe God is not just coming through the ordained or sacred scripture or tradition in the pulpit – but through the people,” Cameron said. “Maybe there is something profound happening, in their unique and valid life experiences. Maybe that matters, too. And let’s not be afraid of that.”

What is it that breeds such irrational loyalty to a single denomination, one which fights tooth and nail against the things its congregants believe?