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MY GOD vs your shitty god

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61 "The Foolish Symbols of Christianity": Israel's Religious Right Discovers the War on Hanukkah Joshua Holland, AlterNet
62 MOLDAVIA: Christians tear down public Menorah and placed a Cross instead European Union Times
63 Mike Huckabee Says the Ten Commandments are the Basis for American Law Austin Cline, About.com
64 WISCONSIN: Federal Appeals Court Blows Whistle On Sheriff’s Religious Proselytism Americans United for Separation of Church and State
65 ISRAEL: Freedom of religion for all in Jerusalem – except women? David, Israelity
66 FLORIDA: North Naples Middle students suspended for taking part in “kick a Jew day” Katherine Albers
67 Blackwater: Murderous Crusaders for Christ Joshua Holland, AlterNet
68 ISRAEL: Woman Wearing Tallit Arrested at Western Wall JTA Wire Service
69 Rabbinical Council of America Bans Chabad 'Messianic Rabbis' COLlive reporter
70 Christian Bootcamp Seeks to Arm Home-Schooled Youths for "Spiritual Warfare" Eleanor Bader, RH Reality Check
71 ISRAEL confronted by Jewish terrorism against non-Jews Paul Woodward, The National
72 Pat Robertson: Islam isn’t a religion; treat Muslims like fascists Daniel Tencer
73 ISLAM: A Struggle for Equality Taslima Nasreen, Journalist
74 The Salvation Army's Red Kettle of Trouble Mary Shaw
75 ISRAEL: Orthodox Jews burn New Testaments in Or Yehuda The Associated Press
76 EGYPT: Islamic religious expert defends female circumcision Malika Zarrar and Muhammad Wahdan; MEMRI-TV
77 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Lt. Gen. William G. "Jerry" Boykin,Casts War in Religious Terms Richard T. Cooper, Times Staff Writer

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