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MASSACHUTTES: Sex Offender Manager Of Pastor Scott Lively’s Coffee House Arrested

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Pedophile manager of Holy Grounds Coffee ShopPastor Scott Lively does not like lesbians and gays, but it appears that he has no problem with straight pedophiles such as Michael Frediani, the now likely former manager of Holy Grounds Coffee Shop in Springfield, Mass. Frediani was a volunteer manager of the coffee shop, which apparently took donations but did not actually charge for their coffee. He was arrested and jailed in New York for the sexual abuse of an eleven year old girl in 1995, according to the police, who have since arrested him for failing to register as a Level 2 sex offender in Springfield. Frediani also lived in an apartment above the store. Lively is denying that he knew that Frediani was a sex offender, but given the youth appeal of his coffee shop, that just proves that he is remiss in not checking on those who volunteer or work for his store.

Frediani has claimed that he is a Born Again Christian and a ‘minister of Jesus’, but also knew that he could be caught for not registering in Massachusetts as a sex offender and gave his name as Michael Free during an interview last week. He is currently being held in the Springfield police lock-up. In New York he is listed as a Level 3 sex offender which is someone who is considered to be the most likely to be a repeat offender. He moved to Springfield on 1 January.

In 1996, he was convicted of sexual abuse in the first degree and aggravated sexual abuse in the second degree by a court in New York. The offense was described by the New York police as “deviate sexual intercourse”.

Fredani told reporters last week that “I talk to all the kids. We have a place that is safe. The presence of God is here right now. I invite God to touch them and he does.” Roughly thirty youth tend to be in the shop at any given time, and it has become a haven for truants.

Lively, for his part, has been more upset over the characterization of him as being anti-gay, and a hate monger. His organization is listed as a hate group by the SPLC.

He told Mass Live:

“I was not aware that he is a sex offender or that he was arrested. This is the first I heard of it. I’ve only known him a few months. He strikes me as a very kind and gentle and honorable man.”

Lively did not do a criminal background check on Fredani, and it is not clear if he even knew that the man’s last name was Fredani and not Free. Lively may also now want to consider the fact that he put the lives of many young girls in danger because he allowed a convicted sexual predator access to them.