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MICHIGAN: Occupy Wall St Movement Inspires Pastor To Protest For LGBT Rights

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Rev. Bill Freeman was arrested after protesting for LGBT rightsOccupy Wall Street (OWS) has been going strong for over a month now and recently it reached Holland, Michigan where a pastor was arrested after protesting for LGBT rights. Details after the jump.

The Rev. Bill Freeman, who says he was inspired by the ongoing OWS movement, was arrested on Wednesday “after refusing to leave Holland’s city hall in protest of the southwestern Michigan city’s decision not to expand its anti-discrimination ordinance” to include gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people. You know there is a problem when a mid-size city is arresting a pastor of their own for sticking up for minorities in that same community. A BIG frickin' problem!

Last June, Holland shot down the proposal, despite a unanimous recommendation from the Human Relations Commission of Holland, Michigan to amend “its Fair Housing Ordinance and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy to include ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ in its list of protected classes.” And here we go again, the tyranny of the majority should not decide the rights of the minority.

Unfortunately, Michigan is giving Tennessee a run for their anti-gay money. But it's people like him that give us hope! Stand up!

(via MLiveImage source: The Grand Rapids Press)