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LGBT Discrimination

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1 ISRAEL: Rabbi: Gays have high violence potential Kobi Nachshoni
2 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Imam calls gays to worship, marry Emily Wax, The Washington Post
3 Pastor Scott Lively; Gays Blamed for Noah's Flood Lucan Grindley
4 NIGERIA: Two Gay Pastors Arrested In Lagos Brimtime Magazine.
5 Will the Christian Right Hang Itself With Its Own Homophobia? Valerie Tarico
6 Southern Decadence Arrests: 9 Anti-Gay Preachers Nabbed For Disrupting New Orleans Celebration Huffingtonpost.com
7 US evangelical Christians accused of promoting homophobia in Africa David Smith, Johannesburg
8 KANSAS: Baptist pastor says government should kill homosexuals David Edwards
9 NORTH CAROLINA: Pastor says 'Punch' Gay-Acting Children Neal Broverman
10 NETHERLANDS: Dutch Chief rabbi reinstated after homosexuality row Cnaan Lipshiz, Jerusalem Post correspondent
11 NEW YORK: Women Rabbis Question Suggestive Tefillin Photo Stewart Ain, Staff Writer
12 MICHIGAN: Occupy Wall St Movement Inspires Pastor To Protest For LGBT Rights Brandon Rolph
13 NORTH CAROLINA: Pastor arrested for causing too much noise during gay pride Daric Goff , LA City Buzz Examiner
14 MASSACHUTTES: Sex Offender Manager Of Pastor Scott Lively’s Coffee House Arrested Bridgette P. LaVictoire
15 UGANDA: Pastor Martin "Eat Da Poo Poo" Ssempa Charged With Blackmail Joe Jervis
16 UTAH: Gay suicides and the Mormon Church The Freethinker, UK
17 BELGIUM: Archbishop: AIDS Is God's Will hivplusmag.com
18 UGANDA: Paper that published list of gay men ordered to shut down The Associated Press
19 GEORGIA: Megachurch Pastor Comes Out Advocate.com, Editors
20 UGANDA: Newspaper Calls For The Hanging Of 100 Gays Casey Gane-McCalla

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